Experience that Counts

Owner, Mick Huber, has provided construction and financial consulting services on over three billion dollars in projects covering 27 states during the past 21 years. He has been directly involved with the policies and procedures from the inception of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) Program on behalf of several State Agencies.

A compliance inspection is conducted to ensure that a building or project complies with all relevant building codes and zoning regulations. It can also be an inspection by the representative of a lender to ensure that all lending institution requirements have been met as a prerequisite to a loan or as a condition of funding advances on a construction or development loan.

A risk management inspection is the systematic process of understanding, evaluating, and addressing risks to maximize the chances of objectives being achieved.

An Applicant or Lender will engage a third-party construction consultant to review the Project Plans and Specifications to ensure that they meet the Design Quality Standards and any applicable additional requirements the Lender or applicant certified in the approved Application and/or Project may require.

Project Planning

  • Document Reviews
  • Drawings and Specifications
  • Physical Needs Assessments
  • Construction Budget
  • Assessments
  • Construction Cost Analysis

Program Management

  • Program Oversight
  • Cost Management
  • Schedule Review
  • Quality Assurance & Compliance Control
  • Productivity Assessment

Risk Management

  • Risk Identification
  • Probability Assessments
  • Cost Escalation Analysis
  • Decision Risk Analysis


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